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The current flow of the Grading Module is to download a grading template specific to their grade level and subject, enter mark of the student and upload it back to Wela for approval of the coordinators. This workflow allows teachers to work offline and upload it back to Wela once connected to the net. This is the same for attendance sheet monitoring of the student. Activities that can be made under this module are the following:

  1. Generate Grading Sheets - Generate and download grading sheets.

  2. Input, Upload, and Submit Grades - a process in which grades are brought into the system.

    1. Summary PerDev and Master CL - process on how to submit Summary PerDev and Master CL Sheets
  3. Combine Grades - Consolidate subjects for example, MAPEH.

  4. Generate Reports - View and print important documents necessary for grading.

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