Wela Mobile Connector

WELA mobile connector is a module for the Mobile app.
The Mobile App is one of the new feature of WELA in which you can send a News and Announcements for the school, monitor your child's daily time record (DTR Log), able to notify every clinic visits and every violation at school that needs attention.

  • School feeds - able to post News and Announcements in your Mobile App, and you may also post it on your Facebook Page and send SMS message.

Mobile App

  • News and Announcements - will allow you to see the new upcoming activities or Announcements at school.

  • DTR List - Once your child tap into the RFID device, it will store into the data of the DTR list in your Mobile App. The DTR log will be able to save the data for your child IN/OUT.

  • Messages - Able to see the whole message if your child did visit the Clinic, Prefect, and DTR log.

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