Operation Safety Rules

For correct and safe use of the equipment, please read the following carefully and strictly observe the operation safety rules during operations.

  • Place the RFID Scanner flatly on a stable surface for safe and proper operation.

  • Follow proper voltage input requirement as High optical power can cause physical damage to the patient, especially in the eyes. Never look directly into the end of the optical transmitter.

  • Bend fibers with care. Bending radius(38mm).

  • Maintain overall integrity of the product. Have regular check ups on external and internal RFID parts.

  • Avoid humid or dusty locations in placing the RFID unit to avoid electric shortage.

  • Make sure the power cable is not obstructed, is dry, in good condition and is plugged in correctly to a live power outlet.

  • Unplug the power cord when not in use for a long time such as holidays and special events.

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