Approving Grades

  • To approve grades, click the "Submit Grades" icon on your Home/Dashboard.

  • In the Submit Grading Sheet page, you will see the documents of all the teachers who submitted their grading spreadsheet.
  • To filter the documents, click the "+" _button besides "Show Filters"_.

  • Make sure to follow the picture above (Type in "Workflow State" - "Equals" - then "for Approval") and click on the check icon.

  • From here, choose one of the submitted documents with a "for Approval" status. For demonstration purposes, we will do PE4/Grade 4 - Peace@SY2016/Q1.

  • Be sure to double check if the grades the teacher submitted is correct.
  • If you are finished checking the document, click the "Actions" button

  • If the document the teacher submitted needs no corrections, click "Approve".
  • If the document needs corrections, click "Reject".
  • This way the teacher will know if the document submitted needs corrections, and he/she will upload the updated sheet with the corrections.

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