Student Daily time record

  • DTR list - Here you can monitor your child activity when your child have tap to the RFID Device IN/OUT.

    • Once your child tap into the RFID device, it will store into the data of the DTR list in your Mobile App.

    • Then you can monitor your child tap IN/OUT in the DTR list.

  • Click the "Menu" to navigate through your mobile app.

  • Once you click the "Menu" click the "Daily Time Record" to show the activity of the DTR log of your child.

    • Announcements - This is where the News and Announcements are.
    • Daily Time Record - Here you can view your child activity IN/OUT.
    • Messages - Here you can view the logs of every clinic visits and the violations of your child.

  • This is the DTR list. You view the logs for the DTR of your child.

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