Submitting Summary PerDev and Master CL Grades

  • On your dashboard, look for and click this icon.

  • After clicking the icon, on the current page, click "NEW" on the upper right corner or "Make a new Submit Master Grading" on the center of the page.

  • Fill in the fields as shown
    • Quarter: Make sure to input the current quarter, unless you wish to submit a sheet for a previous quarter.
    • Section: Input the correct section

  • After filling in the fields, click "Attach", a pop-up message will appear.
    • Click "Browse" and look for your Summary PerDev or Master CL Sheet.
    • Once you finished browsing, click "Upload".

  • The pop-up message should look like this after attaching the file.

  • Once you clicked upload, a table should appear, this indicates that your file has been successfully uploaded.
    • TIP: If there are no grades appearing in the "GRADE" column, make sure to check the file you uploaded and see if your grades are in the right sheet tab.

  • Click the "Submit" button on the upper right corner of your page.

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