Setting up Daily Text Notification

  • On your dashboard, look for the search bar at the upper right corner of the page, type in "School"

  • Afterwards, scroll down and look for "TIME IN SCHEDULES" (see picture above)

  • After clicking the "TIME IN SCHEDULES" tab, a table will appear (see picture above)
  • Click the "Add new row" button, it will let you add cells where you can input Section and Time In.
  • It is best to enter all sections so that you may be able to monitor all student's punctuality in the school.
  • After inputting the section and time in, under the table, there is a field box, "Send Text Notification to on Late", enter the mobile number of the Prefect of Discipline / Beadle / In-Charge of handling late comers.
  • The "Time send to recipient on late" field box will be the one to determine what time the system will text the mobile numbers listed to receive the notifications. (example: Notifications will be sent on 08:00:01, military time)
  • Leave the last field box, as it will display the last time it notified the Prefect/In-Charge.

  • After inputting the necessary data, the table should look like this.

  • Click "Save" afterwards.

  • A text message like this should notify the person in-charge/prefect of discipline everyday

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