Combine Grades

  • To access Combine Grades, click the respective icon of the subject.

  • The "Combine Grades" are for Grade School and Junior High, While the "SHS Combine Grades" is for Senior High only.

  • To combine new grades click "New".

  • Fill in necessary information

    • Parent Subject - determines which subject and grade level that needs combining. In this case, We chose MAPEH 7 which have these child components: Music 7, and PE 7.

    • If the teachers of the respective child subjects have submitted the required spreadsheet, you may combine the components to get the MAPEH grade.

    • An error will be shown if the component for the subject isn't submitted yet.

    • Checking both Show result Per Component and Show Weight Per Component will show how the combined grades is computed.

  • Click "Submit" and if you wish to print your Combined Grades, Click the "Printer Icon".

  • Click "Standard" change it into "KHS Combine Grade Print", after that click "Print".

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