How to post School feeds

  • Click the Icon "Wela Mobile Connector".

  • Click "School Feeds" to view previous feeds or make a new Feeds.

  • Click "New" to make new News and Announcements for Mobile App, Facebook and SMS.

  • Input the necessary information to create News and Announcements.
    * If you want the post to appear only in mobile app just un-check the #5 and #6.
    * If you want the post to appear in Facebook and will also send SMS message, Kindly check the "Post to Facebook" and "Send SMS".

  • After you are done inputting the necessary information please click "Save".

  • If you want to attach a picture on your post. Click "Attach" and then "Browse" and then click "Upload" after browsing the image you wish to post.

  • After you click "Upload", Click "Save".

  • You can also add up to 5 pictures.

  • Once you click the "Save" you have to click "Submit" and then click "Yes" to permanently submit your document.

  • If you have a Mobile app installed in your Android or iOS phone, you should be able to get a notification.

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